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As a child of immigrants, my family made sure to always instill a sense of patriotism, love and duty to our beautiful country. They shared endless stories about the prosperous, safe and rich Sudan they lived in. My mother was a sudanese journalist in a pre-Bashir Sudan era where she had the ultimate freedom of expression. I’ve always lacked the words to express the beautiful emotions running through my mind which is why I express through colour on a painting. My first visit to Khartoum was at the age of 2 and continued almost once a year throughout my life. I would look out the window and laugh uncontrollably from happiness as the plane landed every time. I saved all my storybooks and toys and gave them to orphanages and schools only to come back the second day and find them all stolen. I had a love for Sudan that was indescribable no matter the corruption I saw. A love that I would paint colorfully to express the beauty, compassion, strength and kindness of Sudan. Watching the revolution unfold from afar and wishing I was there on the frontlines, my heart and hand was itching to get a brush in hand to share with the world the beauty of this revolution and what it meant to me and my people.


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